Art Connection of East Texas
A heart for Art and the Creative Artist
​​Set sail in the phenomenal sea of East Texas' artistic talent! Enjoy the samples below and be sure to come to Valerosa Designs and Gallery for a luxury cruise through the vast expanse of our intriguing display of local treasure!

ACET Gallery

  1. Valerosa Variations
    Valerosa Variations
    Various Artists
  2. U.S, War horse
    U.S, War horse
    David Ackerson
  3. Guardian
    Eliane Oosthuysen
  4. Trap
    David Ackerson
  5. Brecated Glass
    Brecated Glass
    James Hayes
  6. Flag Swirl
    Flag Swirl
    Artist: James Hayes
  7. Sailing the Rock
    Sailing the Rock
    Brian Stone
  8. Tipi on the Plains
    Tipi on the Plains
    R. Tom Gillian
An Artist's Work Provides a Window to the Depth of Their Character!

ACET's Art at Valerosa Designs and Gallery is Truly East Texas' Character on Display!

Come Visit with the ACET Team and Experience the Exponentially Exciting Expressions of our Local Artists!