Art Connection of East Texas
A heart for Art and the Creative Artist

About ACET

​East Texas has a phenomenal number of diversely talented artists. These individuals express themselves through their artistic work but often remain concealed from the general public for various reasons. ACET has a heart to reveal this talent to the public for the benefit of all involved. We want to be an asset to the creative artist!
​​​​Look no further than your local East Texas artist for the timeless treasure to fill the void in your decor! Whether your artistic palate hungers for a Southwestern touch, a contemporary expression or anything in between, ACET is excited to partner with Valerosa Designs and Gallery to satisfy that yearning. Come by and experience a consistent display of expertise that will be sure to make you proud of your East Texas artists! 
The Passion of ACET - To serve as a catalyst for the exposure and growth of the Art Culture in the East Texas Region!

  • With Tyler, Longview and the Greater East Texas area becoming more and more inter-connected, the Art Culture in the area has expanded exponentially in the last few years.
  • Art is a result of the creativity of man resulting from the gifts bestowed by our Ultimate Creator, God.
  • Our Mission is to give all artists within the area a hub for information regarding other artists and art related events.
  • We want to educate, inspire, and extend an opportunity for local artists to have a voice:  Everyone has a story to tell!
  • The arts and artistic expression are key elements of our region's image and proud heritage. In addition, they are quite valuable as social and economic contributors.
  • Expression and appreciation of art should be available to everyone and this is critical to a well-rounded legacy for future generations.